An amazing resource


To the Editor:

As a teacher on Martha’s Vineyard, the resources available for educating our students constantly amaze me. Many of them are free to the schools. One such resource is the Martha’s Vineyard Museum. Thanks to their educational director, Nancy Cole, and the time she takes to contact and meet with educators, a wealth of historical sources are opened up to my fifth and sixth grade social studies classroom.

While reviewing the thank-you notes that the students had written to Ms. Cole, I was inspired to pass one, written by Sarah, along to you so that you might share with the community just how much they enjoy learning about history from our community museum.

Dear Nancy,

Thank you for showing us around and teaching us about our Island’s history. First, I liked looking around the “Enchanted Island” and doing the scavenger hunt. I especially liked the bathing costume. Also, when we went to Cooke House, I liked seeing the bedroom and parlor. I really liked playing the games outside the Cooke House too. In fact, I played the rolling hoops game with Suzanne. It was really fun! Thank you again for teaching us about the history of our Island.

Amy H. Reece

Martha’s Vineyard Public Charter School

West Tisbury