I can tell that fall is really here now, not just because the leaves are changing and the nights are cooler, but also because the endless flood of emails that flows into my inbox all summer telling me of all the upcoming events on the Island has ceased. Completely. There is an occasional drip, but the river has run dry.

It’s time to start dragging out those off-season projects. I have set the bar very low this year in the hopes that I can feel like I accomplished something at the end of the winter: become a better soup maker, completing one photo album and watching the “50 Best Movies You Never Saw” (according to Entertainment Weekly). I’ve already seen eight of the films and I made lentil soup over the weekend so I’m off to a good start on two of the projects. The photo album and everything to go in it, however, is sitting in a pile on the floor, right where I left it last winter.

The blood pressure clinic is today, October 18, from 2 to 3 pm in the Aquinnah Town Hall. Free and open to all Aquinnah residents. This Saturday at the library from 1 to 2 pm, bring your kids to make some Halloween crafts. Pumpkins, ghosts, bats, you name it. Materials will be provided. Any questions, just call the library at 508-645-2314.

The UNICEF fair will be on Friday, October 26, from 1:15 to 2:15 at the Chilmark Community Center. This annual fair, hosted by the 4/5 class of the Chilmark School, includes games and baked goods, all to raise money for UNICEF.

Oh yes, in case you hadn’t noticed, there’s a Presidential Election happening on Tuesday, November 6. The polls will be open from 7 am to 8 pm at the Town Hall. Voter registration is now closed; if you did not register you cannot vote in this election. If you are already registered to vote, don’t worry, but do show up and vote.

This next bit about absentee voting is a little complicated so pay attention. If you need an absentee ballot for this election, please mail in an official Absentee Ballot request form, if possible. They are available at any Town Clerk’s office in the state of Massachusetts including Aquinnah. Or you can download and print one from the state website Just click on Absentee Ballot Information in the Elections and Voting Box. You may also make application by letter which must include your: name, address as registered, ward and precinct (if you know them), address where you wish the absentee ballot sent and your signature. Mail your request to Town of Aquinnah, 65 State Rd., Aquinnah, MA 02535 Attn: Carolyn Feltz.

You may not request an absentee ballot for another person. Requests must be made by the individual who is voting. If you wish to vote absentee in person (applicable if you are going to be away on November 6) call Carolyn at 508-645-2304 to schedule an appointment. Most importantly, vote.

And of course last Tuesday was Cranberry Day. It was a wet, soggy day to be in the bogs, but of course the kids had a great time (how could they not? they get to miss school and be together). One adult I spoke to described the weather as “miserable.” The crop did not seem to be as abundant as last year, but everyone certainly got their share. And young Ivan likes to eat them just picked right out of the basket.

Elise at the Duck Inn is taking care of a gray tiger striped kitty that she thinks must belong to someone as it is very sweet and not stray like. The kitty is female, probably about four years old with half a tail and a tan belly. If you know anything about this cat’s true home please call Elise at 508-645-9018.

Happy Birthday to Jenna Petersiel whose birthday is on Monday.

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