Edgartown fisherman on a tuna trip finds a stowaway

The tired feathered stowaway remained on the boat all the way back to Nantucket. — Photo courtesy of James Joyce

While tuna fishing earlier this month, James E. Joyce of Edgartown had an unexpected visitor.

“We were fishing for tuna on the charter boat Kahuna out of Edgartown,” Mr. Joyce wrote in an email to The Times accompanied by a photo of a bird on the gunwale.

“I’m pretty sure this is a red-breasted nuthatch, which is definitely a woodland bird, they eat bugs on trees. It landed on our boat 50 miles out in the Atlantic in an area called Regal Sword. The bird stayed with us all the way back to Nantucket. It was so tired it did not move from that spot for at least 5 minutes. Despite all the action going on around him he just stayed put.

“It was nice to have the extra company to watch while we waited for another big bite.”