I thought this time of year was supposed to be less busy? But this week alone I have two birthday parties to plan and an out-of-town wedding to attend, then next week is Halloween (always a big deal here in seemingly deserted Aquinnah).

Anja May and her boys are having a big week too: her son Yossi, got his cast off on Monday! Yossi broke his leg back in August (doesn’t that seem like a really long time ago?) and spent the first eight weeks or so in a wheel chair, then some time in a walking cast and now he is free. I must commend Anja, Spa, Finn and especially Yossi for their amazing attitude around the difficulty of working around the hindrance of Yossi’s limited mobility. While it was still summer, Anja and Spa carried Yossi and his wheelchair in and out of the car and to the beach and everywhere else he needed to go. I never heard Yossi complain. He did tell me that his leg itched, but I never heard him whine. Nor did I hear any word of complaint from anyone else in the family. Well done, and I hope all bones stay intact for the foreseeable future.

The MV Regional High School Minnesingers Annual Auction & Mini-Concert will be held this Friday at 6:30 pm at Farm Neck Café. There will be a silent auction from 6:30 to 8 pm and then the concert and live auction at 8 pm. The Minnesingers are directed by Aquinnah’s Jan Wightman.

Get your costumes ready, the official Halloween party of Aquinnah will be held Wednesday, October 31 from 5 to 7 pm. There will be games, crafts, and some spooky stuff too. A potluck dinner will be served, so bring a savory dish to share. Last year we had an abundance of mac and cheese, so perhaps mix it up a little. We are trying to keep the “treats” to a minimum, so savory dishes are better. It will end promptly at 7 pm to ensure that there is time for trick or treating. Alex Taylor is the point person for trick or treating. If you would like lots of costumed kids showing up at your door asking for candy, let her know and she’ll put you on the trick or treating map. If you want to help out with the party, decorating, or breaking down or organizing a game, let me know.

The pumpkin decorating craft hour, or hours as it turned out to be; at the library was a walloping success. Clyde, Claus, and Clovis Smith came with their dad. Angie Waldron brought her grandsons, Waylon and Amos, after taking them to the Island Children’s School Fundraiser; that’s a good grandma! Lisa Vanderhoop showed up with Wiley, still a puppy, and while she didn’t decorate a pumpkin, she brought some of her infectious Halloween spirit. There was cider and apples and some unwitting patrons who just wanted to use the computer or find a book and were instead besieged by lots of small people armed with glue and pipe cleaners. Thank you, Barbara, for organizing such a fun day.

Happy Birthday to my fellow columnist, Katie Carroll whose birthday is this Saturday and also to Waylon Sauer who is turning six this weekend. And a big happy birthday to Buddy Vanderhoop, whose birthday is Monday.

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