Island skaters shine in Vineyard Open

Members of the Martha's Vineyard Figure Skating Club who participated in the 2012 Vineyard Open. Left to right: Front row: Ava BenDavid, Anna Flaherty, Lily Davey, Lydia Carlos Middle row: Sally Caron, Megan Zeilinger, Avery Simmons, Sarah Thomas Back row: Molly Carroll, Taylor Jackson, Skyla Harthcock — Photo courtesy of Jane Elizabeth Taylor

The Martha’s Vineyard Figure Skating Club hosted the 2012 Vineyard Open figure skating competition on Saturday, October 20, at the MV Arena. Twenty-seven skaters from Massachusetts and New Hampshire competed. Eleven of those skaters represented the home club.

Six Islanders won individual gold medals in the event. Molly Carroll won her first ever gold in Beginner Girls Test Track; Ava BenDavid won Pre-Preliminary Showcase and was second in Beginner Girls Test Track; Avery Simmons won in both Limited Beginner Girls Test Track and Pre-Preliminary Compulsory Moves; Megan Zeilinger placed first in Pre-Preliminary Girls Test Track; Sally Caron won Preliminary Girls Test Track and took second in Pre-Juvenile Compulsory Moves; and Lily Davey skated to victory in Juvenile Girls Test Track and Juvenile Compulsory Moves.

Skyla Harthcock placed third in Pre-Preliminary Girls Test Track in her first skating competition. Anna Flaherty was third in Juvenile Showcase, and Sarah Thomas, fourth in Preliminary Showcase.

In the team events, Avery Simmons, Skyla Harthcock and Megan Zeilinger captured the gold in Pre-Preliminary. Taylor Jackson, Lydia Carlos, Molly Carroll, and Ava BenDavid were second.

Lily Davey, Sarah Thomas, and Sally Caron placed second in the Pre-Juvenile competition.

The night before the competition, Sarah Thomas, Lily Davey, Molly Carroll, Megan Zeilinger, and Skyla Harthcock participated in a test session and all advanced to their next respective skating levels.

The skaters are coached by Jane Elizabeth Taylor, Beth Blankenship-O’Connor, and Stephanie Andrade-Rogers.