Poets Corner: Welcome to the Senior Center


Welcome to the Senior Center

Across the street from the basketball court,

A nondescript white building … that doesn’t say a lot;

Come inside, the mood can vary,

Whether to leave, or perchance to tarry.

Should one linger … take a look about?

A bit of murmuring … an occasional shout;

Two at a puzzle … where does that piece fit?

A group in a back room, conversing while they knit.

Bustling in the kitchen … serving two meals a week;

Books and magazines to peruse … a project to seek.

A variety of crafts to choose from … quilts, games and


Assorted doughnuts, bread and muffins … were in the


Soon in conversation … “Say, … I really like your hat!

Lovely belt, … what a gorgeous scarf.” “girl talk” like that.

With walkers and canes, they make their way around.

Some days quite noisy, other moments, not a sound.

Life moves on, six months, a year,

Then sad news … so-and-so has passed away … poor dear.

The flag flutters on … elders come and go.

Some quite active … others a bit slow.

A home away from home … enriching their lives,

The Oak Bluffs Senior Center … as long as one survives!

Norman S. Reed

Norman S. Reed has traveled the world over, using up 3½; passports, but now relaxes on the Vineyard where he spends his time reading non-fiction, metal-detecting, and pursuing his favorite hobby, water coloring.