Aquinnah police take emergency vehicle operating course


Officers Maria Williams and Curtis Chandler of the Aquinnah Police Department received training at an Emergency Vehicle Operation Course (EVOC) held October 10-11, at the U.S. Coast Guard facility in Bourne. The preventative training program was designed to enhance police officers’ driving skills, ensure safety of both officers and the public, and save money on the town’s insurance premiums.

“This training is important because it teaches the officers how to operate the emergency vehicles safely and how the vehicles will respond to their actions while they are driving in an emergency situation,” Aquinnah police chief Randhi Belain said in an announcement this week. “The benefit to the town of Aquinnah and its residents is twofold — the town benefits from the officers completing this training by receiving credit on its insurance, and the residents benefit by the officers operating the emergency vehicles safely on the public roads.”

The Massachusetts Interlocal Insurance Association (MIIA), the town’s property and casualty insurance provider, presented the EVOC training.