Cronig’s adds to solar panel canopy

The supporting canopy structure for the third and final array of solar panels nears completion over the front part of the Cronig's parking lot. — Photo by Ralph Stewart

The second stage of the Vineyard Power Cooperative’s (VP) solar canopy project at Cronig’s Vineyard Haven supermarket is well under way. Rob Meyers, general manager of energy services at the South Mountain Company, which is managing the project, said that they expect to have the third and last canopy of solar panels over part of Cronig’s front parking lot online and working by the second week of December.

Mr. Meyers said that the experience gained from the construction of the first two panels over Cronig’s side parking lot has helped make this project “go very smoothly.”

The first two sets of panels, designed to produce 64 Kw of electricity each, went online in August. The new canopy is designed to produce 83 Kw of power.

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