Harbor View Hotel plans New Year’s fireworks redux

On New Year's Eve this year, the Harbor View Hotel celebrated with a spectacular fireworks display. Another sparkling beginning will mark the start of 2013. — File photo by Steve Myrick

Edgartown selectmen gave the green light to lights of many colors, allowing the Harbor View Hotel to stage a New Year’s Eve fireworks display again this year.

“I thought it went well, and the police didn’t have any problems,” chairman Michael Donaroma said, referring to last year’s fireworks show, which capped a gala celebration at the Harbor View.

Selectmen also granted the hotel permission to close from January 2 to February 1 for necessary repairs and an upgrade to facilities for people with disabilities.

Selectmen also granted The Wharf Pub permission to close for cleaning and repairs from February 17 to March 15.

They also scheduled a public hearing for November 19, at 4 pm, to hear about a proposal to expand outdoor seating at The Atlantic.

Selectmen also discussed the timetable for demolition of the old Edgartown School, to make way for construction of a new library.

While no firm schedule is set, Mr. Donaroma said he thought July 2014 was the earliest that demolition could begin.

The town received a $5 million grant from the Massachusetts Board of Library Commissioners, and taxpayers voted to fund the rest of the $11 million project. Construction is expected to take three years, but the grant is scheduled to be distributed over five years. Mr. Donaroma said the the library building committee is working to find the best way to coordinate funding.

Town administrator Pam Dolby plans a “taxpayer day” for people who want to salvage equipment, furniture, or nostalgic mementos from the old school before demolition. Edgartown taxpayers will get the chance to salvage what they want at no cost, sometime next spring.

“They already paid for it once, why should they pay for it again,” Ms. Dolby said. “There are all kinds of tables, chairs, bulletin boards, big chalk boards. There’s a lot of stuff in there.”