It’s almost here. That day full of fabulous tradition and community spirit is just around the corner. The kids have been lacing up their sneakers and stretching out their legs with Phys Ed instructor Channon Capra in anticipation of the annual Chilmark School Turkey Trot. Tuesday, November 20, at 9:30 am the entire school, many friends, neighbors and alumni will walk, trot and, perhaps, even gallop their way down Middle Road from Beetlebung Corner to the end of Keith’s field and back.

Instilling the notion of healthy bodies, healthy minds, and good clean fun is what it’s all about. After the run, Lillian Kellman, story-teller extraordinaire, will join the children at school for her beautiful rendition of stone soup. A word to alumni, the staff a the Chilmark School would like you to be reminded that you must have a chaperone in order to participate.

If you are unfamiliar with the folk story, here is the gist of it: Travelers enter a village carrying nothing but a pot. The villagers are unwilling to share any food with them despite their hunger. The travelers fill the pot with water and a large stone and begin to heat it over a fire. The villagers are curious. The travelers explain they are making stone soup which tastes delightful but is missing a few tasty items to really finish it off. The villagers begin to contribute seasoning, carrots, onions and so forth. They all sit down to a glorious meal inevitably prepared by all. By working together, with everyone pitching in just a little, a greater good and perhaps seemingly impossible task is achieved.

In light of the moral being taught at the school in the upcoming week, let us make sure all of our friends and neighbors have something to give thanks for. An easy way to do that is by giving an Island family in need a Thanksgiving basket. Your $25 gift will ensure that one turkey, fresh apples, oranges, potatoes, carrots, onions, squash, eggs, stuffing mix, cranberry sauce and canned pumpkin make it to the dinner table.

Donations can be sent to:

Vineyard Committee on Hunger (VCOH)

PO Box 4685

Vineyard Haven, MA 02568

or made online:

It’s a big day for birthdays here in town. Mariah and Jessica Campbell turn 17 today. I remember when they were running the Turkey Trot themselves and performing in my living room, along with my daughter, with their cello and clarinets. Beautiful music captured on video being saved to share with the masses on, let’s say, their 30th birthdays. Happy birthday to the lovely young women who have grown up so much right before my eyes.

A big birthday hug goes out to Judy Mayhew today also. Judy’s back surgery for one reason or another has been postponed twice. During my most recent chat with her, I learned that it has been rescheduled for today. Judy has been through a lot in these last few weeks, and I hope her birthday wish of getting this surgery behind her is a big go for today. Best wishes to you, Judy.

The dismantling of the fuel dock is complete. Monday, the guys from Dependable Petroleum came to assist in draining lines and removing the dispensers in preparation for the upcoming dock rebuild. I continue to feel disappointed and saddened by the town’s decision to go with concrete floats for the the transient dock rather than the solid wood dock that has certainly stood up to a beating from so many storms. We are all entitled to our opinion. I just wish more of you decided to vote for the option that has never failed us.