Looks like a good year for the SSA


Barring a collapse between now and January 1, 2013, the Steamship Authority has had a terrific 2012, especially when the current year traffic and revenue figures are compared with figures for the last five years.

Still, in its planning for 2013, the boatline managers and members intend to increase rates to raise $1.5 million more in revenue, two-thirds of it from the Nantucket service.

For the year as of October 31, passenger traffic was up 3.7 percent compared with 2011, three percent on Vineyard routes and a whopping 6.6 percent for Nantucket.

Automobiles overall increased by 2.7 percent, 3.2 percent on Vineyard routes and two tenths of a percent for Nantucket.

For freight (trucks), there was a drop-off of six tenths of a percent overall. Nantucket freight rose 3.2 percent over 2011 figures, while for the Vineyard there was a 1.9 percent decline.

Revenue in two of the three categories made healthy gains. Passenger revenue was up 4.5 percent overall, a gain of more than $1 million. Automobiles added 2.6 percent, or about $600,000. Truck traffic was off, but truck revenue rose overall four tenths of a percent, or about $70,000.