Poets Corner: Ferry



The boarding lot throngs

With those longing for release;

Sunstruck sands and surf await.

But first the mainland must be

Left behind; on ship under

Escort of cavorting gulls.

Grand houses on the chop

Proudly puff their chests;

Then ferry blares the note.

Those on deck retreat

Below to cars weighed

Down with provisions.

Boat’s belly opens wide

To Vineyard’s sweeps and

Deep Atlantic’s mighty tides.

Ed Dalton

Ed Dalton first ferried to Martha’s Vineyard in the late 1970s when he rented a bicycle, rode the Island, and stayed at the West Tisbury Hostel. He, his wife Elizabeth, and their three daughters, Kate, Kara, and Lauren came to spend many, wonderful summers here. They live in Framingham.