Jean M. Joseph


Jean M. Joseph (née Morse) died on November 30, 2012, six days short of her 89th birthday.

Jean was known for her energy, drive, and broad range of interests.

Born in New York City, she was an avid athlete as a child, running track and playing tennis. As an adult she was active in bowling leagues, bowling 600 series, and playing tennis. In her later years she resumed playing bridge, becoming a Life Master.

Since the late 1940s, she spent summers in Chilmark. Her parents founded the Beach Plum Inn in 1951.

Jean began her career as a teacher in Harlem and then in Cleveland after marrying Ernest W. Joseph aka Bud Wendell. Later she worked at Friendly Town and then served as Director of Community Relations for the City of Cleveland Heights. At age 50 she earned her Masters of Social Work from Case Western Reserve University. She then became Director of School-Community Relations for the Cleveland Heights- University Heights School system.

At age 65, Jean became a licensed real estate agent finally retiring at 83.

Throughout her lifetime she was active in civil rights matters. She worked on the Carl Stokes campaign and was an avid Obama supporter. Always active, she attended plays at the Playhouse, Dobama, and Playhouse Square Theaters, and she enjoyed eating out travelling, knitting, and bridge. In the past few years she had taken writing workshops. She purchased a new car at 87.

She is survived by her children, Wendy Oliver, Warren Joseph, and Kathryn Joseph and her two grandsons Jeremy Ray and Michael Joseph (Cindy). The family is planning a private service out of state.