Vineyard Auto School adds off-Island driving instructor


Vineyard Auto School now offers Island students the opportunity to gain off-Island driving experience with an instructor. Cheryl Atherton, a retired Falmouth police officer, recently joined Neal Maciel and Mike Delis, school co-owners and former police officers, as a licensed driver’s education instructor.

Mr. Maciel said the addition of Ms. Atherton will provide behind-the-wheel instruction in Falmouth, starting on the weekend of December 8. “She will be able to give them some highway experience and show them what a stoplight looks like,” he said.

Mr. Maciel said adding an off-Island driving component has been a goal since he and Mr. Delis purchased the auto school in 2011.

“This will be a trial through the end of the year to see how it goes,” Mr. Maciel said. “We’re going to try and include the cost in the program at the current rate, and will see what the overall expense is.”

For more information, call 508-696-DRIV(3748).