Island drug raid nets two suspects, illegal narcotics

Anthony A. Foster (left) and Barry S. Richardson. — Photo courtesy of Martha's Vineyard Drug Task Force

Updated 12:20 pm, December 13, 2012.

The Martha’s Vineyard Drug Task force arrested an Edgartown man and another from New Jersey Monday, December 10, on drug dealing charges. Police recovered prescription narcotics and cocaine with an estimated street value of $6,000.

Anthony A. Foster, 48, of Edgartown was arraigned Wednesday morning in Edgartown District Court on charges of illegally distributing prescription narcotics, distributing cocaine, and conspiracy. He was held on $7,500 bail. Mr. Foster was on probation for a January 2012 assault and battery conviction in Edgartown District Court. He received a one-year suspended sentence in that case.

Also arrested was Barry S. Richardson, 41, of Plainfield, New Jersey. He was arraigned on charges of illegal distribution of narcotics and conspiracy.

“Over the past four months, I and other members of the Martha’s Vineyard Drug Task Force have been actively investigating Foster and his illegal activities,” Edgartown police officer Michael Snowden wrote in his report. “During this time frame we have conducted several successful controlled purchases of illegal narcotics.”

According to the report, Mr. Foster met Mr. Richardson as he arrived in Oak Bluffs on the Patriot ferry, at about 5 pm Monday. The two traveled to a house at 62 Pond View Drive in Oak Bluffs. Police say their investigation revealed that Mr. Foster used that location as a “stash house.” The home is owned by Margaret Andrews, according to police. They believe she hired Mr. Foster as a caretaker, and was unaware of the drug activity.

A short time later, Mr. Foster came out of the house and began walking directly toward two officers who were surveilling him.

“As Foster got closer it was determind that surveillance was compromised,” Officer Snowden wrote. “Det. Dolby (Edgartown Det. Sgt. Chris Dolby) then approached Foster and instructed him to place his hands behind his back, at which point Foster began to resist. Foster was then guided and directed to the ground by Det. Dolby, where there was a brief struggle, and eventually Foster was handcuffed.”

A search of Mr. Foster yielded 20 Xanax pills, seven small bags of individually packaged cocaine, and $210 in cash.

In a downstairs bedroom of the Pond View Drive house, police arrested Mr. Richardson and seized 10 prescription Oxycodone pills and 7 Xanax pills from him.

In prescription bottles on top of a dresser in the same room, police seized 60 Oxycodone pills, and 23 Xanax pills.

Police say the pills in the prescription containers were identical to the ones seized from both of the men.

This article was updated to clarify where the drugs seized by police were located, and that the owner of the house was unaware of the drug activity, according to police.