They danced the night away


To the Editor:I would like to thank Jerry Bennett Productions, the Sultans of Swing, and Dreamland for their generosity in making our Holiday Ball happen December 14, at Dreamland. More than 200 people turned out and danced the night away.

Not every event has a nine-piece band fronted by local favorites Joanna Cassidy and Erika Von Pelt. Also at the mic were the talented Kristin Santangelo and Justin Krakowsky. We want to thank Dreamland’s manager, JB Blau, and venue manager Kate Sweeney who made us feel at home.

Finally, this event couldn’t have happened without the efforts of Petra Lent McCarron, Katrina Delgadillo, Nevette Previd, and Georgia Morris. Media Voices is fortunate to have them on its board of directors.

Len Morris


Galen Films