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Academic Honors

David Seidman of Vineyard Haven made the Dean's List for the Fall 2012 quarter at Rochester Institute of Technology in Rochester, New York.

Martha’s Vineyard Honor Roll

Bradley Anastacio, Kathryn Antonsson, Martin Aranzabe, Charles Ashmun, Isabella Bennett, Paris Bermudes, Benjamin Bilzerian, Clare Boland, Dylan Brockmeyer, Megan Buchanan, Kevin Burchill, Annie Burton, Emily Cimeno, Alan Ciminski, Julia Cooper, Michael Cutrer, Margaret D'Angelo, Forrest D'Olympia, Kelsey Dandeneau, Olivia de Geofroy, Michael deBettencourt, Cecelia DeGregorio, Skylah Forend, Taylor Gramkowski, Annabelle Hackney, Andrew Hakala, Charlotte Hall, Nathaniel Haynes, Stuart Hersh, Shay Hill, Brian Hurley, Dana Jacobs, Katharine Johnson, Steven Jordan Jr.

Martha’s Vineyard Bridge Club results

Peter Buchthal and Marianne Goldsmith – a new team to enter the winners' circle - took first place with a 61.

Poets Corner: Prayer from a Parent

Prayer From a Parent It was almost impossible to recognize him at the morgue. He had been shot so many times he looked like the rag toy our...

Pets can help us through the darkest days

There is a long tradition of pets being used to comfort the afflicted. The Newtown killings bring this venerable practice to mind.

The Coogans run The Wharf with a family focus

The Edgartown institution serves up food and fun year round with help from the family.

Pets brighten up the lives of Windemere residents

Researchers have observed that when animals interact with people in nursing homes, residents respond positively to the animals.

High school teacher Andrew Vandall recreates Civil War history

He portrays the role of a private in the 116th Pennsylvania Regiment, one of five regiments in the famed Irish Brigade.


Cooper M.

New Year hopes for health, happiness on Martha’s Vineyard

We can practice the lesson of Epiphany: seeking and searching to fan the small flame of hope and mercy, and turning to the Light.

Minor impropriety

To the Editor:In regards to your recent article, Payment for Christmas decorations must change in Edgartown, we need to be reminded that the use of public office for private gain is nothing new for Michael Donoroma.

Thankyou from Hospice of MV

In this time of giving and remembering, I wish to thank the many community members who have created and maintained the organization where I work.

A Christmas star

Merry Christmas to Jane Chandler, owner of the Beach House in Vineyard Haven.

Let the police serve

Just watched the NRA statement on the television today.

Guns for militia members only

To the Editor:This I believe: Whoever takes it upon himself individually to carry an armed weapon is, by definition, violating the Constitution of the United States, specifically the Second Amendment, and should be punished by the proper authorities for doing so because, as the amendment requires, he has not shown that he is part of a well regulated militia.

Let the Newtown parents lead

Vice President Joe Biden's panel to study gun violence should include all the parents of the children killed in the recent, horrible school shooting.

Gun laws are not the equal of security

In reading some recent Letters to the Editor, I had to reflect upon the existing gun laws of the state of Massachusetts, which already require that purchasers or possessors of firearms be licensed, that guns are registered at the point of sale, are required to be in locked cabinets or have trigger locks, and unfit individuals are and have always been barred from becoming licensed.

Stop the crazy spending

Regarding the article on the school budget [Chilmark officials say 'Wow' to school costs hike, December 20], I'm really curious as to why the superintendent of schools would need a plush new $3 to $5 million office.

A benefit road race, farmers market, and school break camp

On January 1, kick off the New Year with a 5K run and walk around Oak Bluffs.