Yearly Archives: 2012

Academic Honors

Jaime Lynn Billings of Oak Bluffs at Roger Williams University in Bristol, R.


Eight musicians performed at the All Cape and Island Music Festival this past weekend at Barnstable High School.


Levi W.

Calling all Girl Scouts, past and present

The Girl Scouts of the USA will mark the 100th anniversary of their organization's founding on March 12.

Vineyard House holds annual meeting and elects officers

Vineyard House voted its slate of officers at the organization's annual meeting held January 23.

Poets Corner: Occupy Your Heart

Occupy Your Heart To the rich man in his castle To the cops who guard his gate To the ladies on Fifth Avenue To the fashion fourth estate To the TV commentators To the mad men buying time To the faceless corporations To their lawyers and their crime Chorus: I want to occupy your heart I want to occupy your mind I want to wander deep inside your soul And see what I can find I want to know what made you greedy I want to know what makes you share I want to know what you would die for And I want to take you there To the bankers and their money To insurance companies To the spineless politicians Stealing life from you and me To the generals at the pentagon To the soldiers soon to die To weapons manufacturers Telling patriotic lies To the fossil fuel companies To auto manufacturers To the food and drug conglomerates Selling poisons and the cures To the ordinary citizens In foreclosure bankruptcy When will you rise up singing out In the land of the free? Michael West is a poet, teacher, singer and songwriter who lives in Vineyard Haven.

Islanders advertised for peace Saturday at five-corners

Chris Fried had some advice for President Obama, winner of the Nobel Peace Prize in 2009. The sign read: "Barack: earn your peace prize."

Young Cupids dress up Mocha Motts for Valentine’s Day

Oak Bluffs kindergartners from Ms.