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Thanks for the letter

I want to thank

Delectable and enjoyable

The excellent article on

Hockey ahead, time to cheer

What a lineup ahead of us this weekend.

Not unfair, but helpful

Recently the large grain and feed store, SBS, decided to end its participation in the Island Club Card program, stating it felt it was unfair pricing to some customers.

A part of Coast Guard history

February 18 marks the 60th anniversary of the Pendleton and Fort Mercer disasters in 1952 off Chatham.

Rest in peace

Sherry Winnette was personified patience.

Nature’s comeback

As we all know, in West Tisbury, the mill pond originally was non-existent.

Referendum’s misleading results

A referendum asking only whether one is for or against the roundabout cannot provide a reliable gauge regarding the project and, more importantly, will produce misleading information.

Roundabout ballot, but what’s the point?

The roundabout referendums — what will their results mean? As I understand it, the question being put forth is, "Should there be a roundabout at the intersection of Barnes and Vineyard Haven–Edgartown Road?" I see this question being a little problematic if one is trying to get the sense of the people as to what they would prefer to see at this intersection.

Some expensive vittles

The Chilmark town meeting has approved the tenant farmer plan for Tea Lane Farm.