Yearly Archives: 2012

Martha’s Vineyard educator Dan Seklecki celebrates 29 years

Teachers and administrators recently threw an "Un-Party" in honor of the longtime director of Student Support Services, who will retire on June 30.

At 92, Betty Eddy Lidgerwood’s book is about life in the...

From a collection of handwritten letters, Bet Eddy, of Chilmark, has penned her first book at the age of 92.

Essay: To view or not to view – a tale from...

All this foofaraw put me in mind of when I dealt in poles and wires and views. Five poles did not get taken down; they were never put up.

Habitat for Humanity completes 8th Martha’s Vineyard home

Joe, Jennifer, and their six-year-old daughter Briana will purchase the eighth Island house built by the Habitat for Humanity of Martha's Vineyard.

Comcast program boosts teen center kids into digital world

Six hours of classroom study a week for eight months, plus over 50 hours of community service and an independent project — not the kind of schedule most teens would sign up for while balancing school and possibly part-time work.

Garden Notes: Dutch growers are efficient, dedicated, and creative

Never have I seen so much grown, so carefully, in spaces of approximately 50 by 50 feet.

Visiting Vet: Human illness can mimic that in pets, and vice...

Veterinarians and medical doctors sometimes use similar terminology, but the meaning can be entirely different.

Writer draws inspiration from Camp Jabberwocky campers

Writers are writers, and they will find a way to express themselves against all odds.

Martha’s Vineyard Bridge Club results

Michael and Sandy Lindheimer, with a 62.

Martha’s Vineyard Community Notes

The American Nurses Association Board of Directors awarded Mary Jane Mongillo-Williams the 2012 Barbara Thoman Curtis Award on June 16.