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John K.


The wind has shifted.


I love this time of year when you get out of bed not knowing whether you'll sweat to death or be piling on the fleece all day.


Congratulations to Richard Paradise.

Oak Bluffs

Along with wonderful fall weather, we were given the gift of a beautiful rainbow this past Sunday.

West Tisbury

The sun is pouring into our house, making patterns on the brick floor, highlighting tabletops, window sills, chair seats — all the horizontal surfaces.


They're all back in school.

Show to highlight many personalities of handmade paper

The upcoming Art of Handmade Paper show opening at Featherstone Center for the Arts in Oak Bluffs this Sunday, Sept. 16, is sure to amaze viewers.

Innovative photography at A Gallery, Martha’s Vineyard

Like all of the work shown at the gallery during its brief existence, the work of the six photographers is cutting edge and fascinating.

Happenings at Martha’s Vineyard art galleries

Artists will be painting on location across the Vineyard from September 22 through October 3.

Thank to Farm Neck

A thank you to the Farm Neck foundation from the Island chapter of the National Alliance for Mental Illness (MV NAMI) for funding recovery education last spring and again this fall.

Turning e-waste into realized dreams

What a blessing it is to all who have Martha's Vineyard.

Your help needed

We are writing this letter with heavy hearts.

Resounding success

This past weekend, September 8 and 9, Featherstone Center for the Arts sponsored an Island-wide artists studio tour.

Who’s on offer?

Republicans want the coming election to be a pass/fail vote on the president's record, which they have lots of statistical evidence to attack.

Threat of West Nile warrants attention

Two weeks ago I wrote a letter to this paper [Take action against mosquitoes and infection, August 30], in an attempt to raise the level of concern about West Nile fever and other mosquito-borne diseases coming to this Island.

Who appointed you?

To the two people who felt the need to leave notes on my windshield at the MV Hospital parking lot, I needed to drive myself to the ER early Thursday morning, which resulted in a five-day hospital stay.

Outstanding success

Vineyard Haven in particular as the recipient, and film lovers over the entire Island of Martha',Vineyard, owe a debt of great gratitude to Richard Paradise, whose love of movies, vision, and dogged determination led to this past weekend's amazing offerings of films, but more spectacularly to a beautiful theater in our midst in the Tisbury Marketplace.

Toward a better world

I am writing this letter in response to the full page advertisement written by Barbara Schlesinger in the August 30 edition of the MV Times.

Lovely Iris delivered a message from the gods

Meteor showers, eclipses, and rainbows touch us in the deepest, nearly forgotten, vaults of our evolving natures.