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Congratulations to the creative foraging and home cookin' local talents Dan and Meg Athearn.


My Facebook feed is all pumpkins, leaves, and apple picking, so I guess we're deep into it now.


Were you surprised by the new stop sign on Main Street? There is a new stop at Woodlawn, where Main Street changes from one-way to two-way traffic.

Oak Bluffs

Have you noticed the addition to the Nelson Amaral Fire Station on Wing Road? The trailer now housing the Fire and Ambulance Chiefs' offices was an innovative way of getting needed space without great expense.

The 9/11 Commission’s conclusions

The real controversy regarding 9/11 is not who did it and why but how the 9/11 Commission reached its conclusions, having admitted to coerced confessions and not looking at all the scientific and forensic evidence made available to it.

What about the shark tourney wagering

This letter was sent to Kathy Burton, chairman of the Oak Bluffs selectmen.

Thanks to so many

On behalf of the Animal Shelter of Martha's Vineyard, I thank all of the participants, the donors, and volunteers who made the First Annual Walk For The Animals a huge success.

An amazing resource

As a teacher on Martha's Vineyard, the resources available for educating our students constantly amaze me.

Cyclists, how dare you?

Message to Vineyard (especially Tisbury) bike riders: I will paraphrase a B.

Three in one

This is three letters in one.

Difficult-to-understand drivers

I wish to express my feelings to those drivers who involve themselves in a hit and run accident.

A fine young man

The recent post regarding an incident with a police officer caught my eye, as I recognized the name of the individual alleged to have been involved, Ben Lima.

Poor show by MVC on wind turbines

The Martha's Vineyard Commission's (MVC) so-called

Fiber optic’s stepchild is us

No one doubts the benefits of a fiber-optic system for Cape Cod.

Check off the Derby on his bucket list

I recently had the pleasure of spending five days on the Vineyard with my son, Michael, to fish the Derby.

Four years later, Tisbury business is back

Welcome back, Café Moxie.

Clear rules, not whimsical subjectivity, ought to prevail

The oppressive nature of the Martha's Vineyard Commission's (MVC) enabling legislation derives from the broad discretion and broad license incorporated in it by the state legislature.

Homeowners, Tisbury police search for Tulin sculpture torso

The top half of the Ella Tulin sculpture that rested on the porch of the Payette family's summer home has disappeared.