Martha’s Vineyard Honor Roll

Bradley Anastacio, Kathryn Antonsson, Martin Aranzabe, Charles Ashmun, Isabella Bennett, Paris Bermudes, Benjamin Bilzerian, Clare Boland, Dylan Brockmeyer, Megan Buchanan, Kevin Burchill, Annie Burton, Emily Cimeno, Alan Ciminski, Julia Cooper, Michael Cutrer, Margaret D’Angelo, Forrest D’Olympia, Kelsey Dandeneau, Olivia de Geofroy, Michael deBettencourt, Cecelia DeGregorio, Skylah Forend, Taylor Gramkowski, Annabelle Hackney, Andrew Hakala, Charlotte Hall, Nathaniel Haynes, Stuart Hersh, Shay Hill, Brian Hurley, Dana Jacobs, Katharine Johnson, Steven Jordan Jr.

Poets Corner: Prayer from a Parent

Prayer From a Parent It was almost impossible to recognize him at the morgue. He had been shot so many times he looked like the rag toy our dog drags around.. I couldn’t believe another human being could fire so many bullets in someone who lay helpless on the ground. Was it because he stuck […]