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West Tisbury

What a beautiful weekend.


Is it just me, or does everyone seem super busy for this time of year that we are supposed to be moving a little slower? Lately there are just not enough hours in the day! At least it's staying light out later, but man, I look forward to setting the clocks forward and really feeling like we have a bit more breathing room on the whole waking hours thing.

Two fine fiddlers to open KCT concert series

Brittany Haas and Lauren Rioux, both skillful musicians and seasoned performers, open the 2012 KCT Concert series.

In the kitchen with ArtCliff’s Gina Stanley and La Choza’s opening

The ArtCliff Diner chef and owner answers a few questions.

French Quarter fun at Offshore Ale in Oak Bluffs

While Mardi Gras was being celebrated with parades, floats, and beer-drinking in New Orleans, Islanders celebrated at Offshore Ale.

Noteworthy events

Pathways Projects Institutes hosts a two-part iPhone Photography Workshop.

Proper investigation needed

I am a veteran and 911 conspiracy theorist, who believes with increased conviction that 911 was a false flag operation perpetrated by a handful of "insiders," modeled after (Google) Operation Northwoods.

In Oak Bluffs, a storm of ineptitude

During their November 2011 meeting, the Oak Bluffs selectmen were presented with a detailed, well-researched packet of information that summarized the thinking of many internationally acclaimed marine biologists with regard to the status of shark populations throughout the world.

Tremendous job

I am sincerely grateful to all of the volunteers who made the Vineyard Youth Tennis Round Robin Extravaganza and Silent Auction a huge success.

A first, with your help

On Saturday, February 11, the MVRHS Girls Ice Hockey Booster Club held our annual auction at the Rod and Gun Club in Edgartown.

Teaming with the community

Last Wednesday, a 28-member management team from Edgartown's Harbor View Hotel and Resort, Kelley House, and the Newes From America Pub volunteered at Habitat for Humanity of Martha's Vineyard's build site at 49 and 50 Bailey Park Road in West Tisbury.

Thanks to all

Thanks to the doctors and staff at the Martha's Vineyard Hospital.

What you can do for the Family Center

I want to be sure the Island community is aware that a beloved institution of mine, the Martha's Vineyard Family Center, which has been located at the high school for more than 15 years, is being asked to vacate the premises.

So important to so many

It will be so sad to see the Family Center lose its location at the high school in 2014.

Vote on the roundabout referendum

Hopefully, for all concerned, this will be my final letter regarding the roundabout.

An initiative that sparkles

In recent months it seems we Islanders have been presented with a series of environmentally sensitive proposals: solar panels for Cronig's, windfarms, and most recently the restoration of the Mill Pond in West Tisbury.

What values? – A question for sports

In today's world, I believe that participation in sports by young people is very important.

A lifesaving lesson

I hope my experience, as outlined in this letter, may save a life or make the life of a caretaker, either the family or a professional, easier.

What to do with those new light bulbs

All I read about is the new light bulbs and how they will save me something.