A Christmas wonder


To the Editor:On the Friday evening before Christmas, my husband, son, and I were shopping in Vineyard Haven. As we were driving out of town, our son suddenly couldn’t locate his wallet. We stopped and looked in all the bags, but it wasn’t in the car. Remembering that the last time he used it was at the holiday craft store on Spring Street, we turned around and went back to see if it was there. He jumped out on Main Street while we waited in the loading zone at the end of the street.A few seconds later, a kind policeman came by and knocked on the window reminding us to move. My husband politely told the officer that we would only be a second, and our son was just up the street looking for his lost wallet. The officer responded, “What is his name? I have a wallet that someone found in the middle of the street.”Miracle, upon miracle, he had our son’s wallet. This is the second Christmas that someone has made a kind gesture toward our family on the Island at Christmas time. Only those who are on the Island for the Christmas season will ever know how special this spirit is.Thank you to who ever returned Tim’s wallet and to the kind policeman who happened upon us. We appreciate your kindness. Happy New Year.

Ann, Rich, and Timothy DeWittChilmark