The Martha’s Vineyard Times asks…

John Ortman. — Photo by Gwyn McAllister

What change would you like to see in 2013 on a local, national, or global level?

Virginia York of Aquinnah, “I’d like everybody to read ‘Half the Sky’ to bring forward my plea for peace.”

Tomar Waldman of Vineyard Haven, “I wish to have a very successful all Island composting seminar with the Vineyard Conservation Society this spring.”

Lynn Gordon of Oak Bluffs, “Set the Tea Party adrift.”

Joyce Dresser of Oak Bluffs, “I wish that our federal government would get it together and stop acting like 13-year-olds.”

Alan Brigish of West Tisbury, “Getting rid of the second amendment. In a civilized society there is, in my view, no place for firearms other than the police or military. While I respect the needs of hunters I think the public safety takes a much higher priority.”

Betty Burton of Vineyard Haven, “I would like to see climate change addressed in both our country and other countries.”

Leigh Smith of Vineyard Haven, “No more assault weapons.”

Anne Hollister of Vineyard Haven, “I want our Congress to get its act together and move forward.”

John Ortman of Edgartown, “Help five people long term throughout your life.”

William Waterway of Edgartown, “Sharkfinning banned globally and fair distribution of water in third world countries.’