Say no to the $5 million superintendent’s office


To the Editor:

We all see that the school budget is constantly increasing on a yearly basis. In the December 20 issue of The Martha’s Vineyard Times, it was reported that school superintendent James Weiss is asking for a new office building, to be built for a mere $5 million so that he can have a larger office. In addition, he put forward a complaint that the conference room is on the second floor in the current building, and there is no elevator to get to the conference room. What happened to the idea of using the stairs to get to the second floor conference room?

As the majority of the residents are working their budgets to be in tune with the financial burden of current recession, Mr. Weiss has no such thoughts, as he asked for a $5 million building that would make it easier to get to that conference room. Residents are concerned with layoffs and reduced hours from their jobs, and Mr. Weiss has put forward raises for his total staff and himself.

I suggested that school superintendent James Weiss have a reality check, and hold off increasing the school budget during these tough, recessionary times. This extra cost will be voted on an upcoming warrant at the town’s annual meeting, and I urge everyone to vote against it.

And on another topic, word has been released that the efforts by the Retailers Association of Massachusetts have won their battle to force Amazon to charge a sales tax on all merchandise orders here in Massachusetts.

Before jumping with glee by all of the local merchants for the chance of increased sales, please remember that online merchants like Amazon discount all the prices on their merchandise, along with free shipping. Not having to pay the sales tax was a bonus, and the Retailers Association has taken away the treat. Now the legislators in Boston will have more money to waste.

For the rest of us, we will still make our purchases online where prices are drastically lower than at local merchants, whether you are on the Vineyard or in downtown Boston. There is the variety of choice of different goods, along with free delivery plus returns without any difficulty. I will still go to the local merchants to test out the merchandise and ask questions of the sales clerk.

However, in the back of mind, I will recall that it was the Retailers Association that forced the end of this sales tax bonus, and I will continue to make every effort to purchase from online merchants like Amazon.

Frank J. Kennedy

Oak Bluffs