A super house


Grateful to Habitat

To the Editor:

I’m writing to express my gratitude and admiration to Habitat for Humanity of Martha’s Vineyard for building a second super, low-energy use house on Bailey Park Road in West Tisbury. I joined job supervisor extraordinaire Lee Taberner there on Saturday to do a final air tightness test with my blower door, and the house showed exceptional performance. The result, a house that will be comfortable, healthy, and durable, as well as extremely energy efficient.

At South Mountain Company, where I work, we’re building two more high-performance affordable homes for the Island Housing Trust, which has also been very clear in their understanding of the link between low-energy use and permanent affordability. We’ve honed our skills over many years of high-performance homes, including close to 20 for the Housing Trust. It’s extraordinary to see Habitat attaining this level of exceptional performance with volunteers. Thank you to all who have been part of this effort.

Mark Rosenbaum

West Tisbury