Hats off to the Squirts


To the Editor:

MV Squirts, you are the best. Congratulations on your win in the Ryan Mone Memorial Hockey Tournament.

Aiden Marek and Will Brugiere, you both are the best goalies a hockey team could ever have.

Lauren Boyd and Veronica Wendt, job well done, you both get the best girls on the team award.

Aidan and Logan Araujo, you are the strongest twins a team could ever have, keep up the great work.

Hunter Meader, you will always shine during all of your hockey adventures.

Kenny Hatt, you have an amazing smile that helps with killer defense.

Hoffman Hearn, with your strong offense you are Number One.

Jackson Pachico and Jackson Pizzano, keep your skates sharpened, there’s no stopping you. Peter Gillis and Eli Gunderson, you were in the right place at all the right times. Felix Colon and Cam Geary, without your awesome strength the team couldn’t have done it.

And a special award goes to you, Aiden Marek. You started your team off with a spectacular shutout on Friday, 4 – 0.

Thank you, Coach Andy Marek, Coach Pete Gillis, and Coach Eric Brugiere, your special warm-up talks worked.

Kimberly Randolph Araujo

Oak Bluffs