What a wonderful holiday weekend that was. It started with a snow day, which meant sledding and then worn-out kids. Shakespeare for the Masses on Friday and Saturday nights, I saw some Aquinnah folks in the audience, thank you so much for making the trek. We took advantage of the mild weather on Saturday and Sunday to take some walks through the woods and on Saturday spent two hours at the Aquinnah Library drinking hot chocolate, reading, and chatting with friends. Lisa Sherman, the library’s newish director is planning some programs for the winter and summer; if you have any requests, send them her way. There will be a movie night for kids soon, and I will pass on the details as soon as I have them. There was one blemish to the weekend; we all know what it was: The Patriots! I really thought we were headed to the Super Bowl again this year and I am so disappointed. My husband said he does not even want to watch it now, but I’m not sure I believe him. Or rather I think he may change his mind after two weeks of no football. I am relatively new to football fandom or really any kind of sport fandom, and all of a sudden I really get how emotionally involved you can get in something that is “just a game.” It can really throw you for a loop when things don’t turn out the way you would like.

Pathways Projects Institutes will host its first opening this Friday in the Chilmark Tavern space next to the Chilmark Store. It is titled, “Arts & Scripts: Works in Creation Across Island Now!” The event is from 7-9 pm with the ArtBar opening at 6 pm. Artists from all mediums are encouraged to bring something to share in whatever stage it is in.

Big congratulations to the Butler family, who welcomed a new member last week: a little boy, Orrin Thomas Sheehan. Orrin is the son of former Aquinnah resident Jeffie Butler and her husband, Kevin, who now live in Colorado with their daughter, Maeve. I’m sure grandparents Len and Mallory and Aunt Nina and Uncle Max are over the moon. Congratulations to all.

Speaking of Colorado, summer residents Paula and David Eisenberg are living the life right now in Telluride, where they will be for most of the ski season. Judging from the pictures I’ve seen, they are incredibly happy being ski bums.

A big congratulation to Buddy Vanderhoop, who finished his radiation treatments (forty-eight of them) on Friday. Way to go, Buddy — may you have a clean bill of health from here on out. His wife, Lisa, wanted to make sure to thank Cape Air and Angel Flights, who she said were amazing during Buddy’s treatment. She could not say enough good things about either organization. Lisa has been holding down the fort while Buddy was sick, and I’m sure she is looking forward to having her husband back.

I was in the library last week when who should walk in but Penny Huff. The last I heard, she was terribly sick last summer so it was wonderful to see her up and about (she walked to the library from her home on South Road). She said she was doing, “Fantastic.” And she looked great too.