Bail revoked for sex offender arrested on heroin charges

Mathew P. Tucci (seated in front) was arraigned on charges of dealing heroin and failing to register as a level 3 sex offender. — Photo by Ralph Stewart

Edgartown District Court Presiding Justice H. Gregory Williams revoked bail for a Boylston man following his arraignment Friday on charges of dealing heroin and failing to register as a level 3 sex offender.

Matthew P. Tucci, 30, was free on bail from Worcester District Court, where he faced heroin dealing charges, when he was arrested in Oak Bluffs on January 17, by members of the Martha’s Vineyard Drug Task Force.

Police stopped Mr. Tucci while he was driving in Oak Bluffs, after they developed information that he had stayed on the Island longer than the time required to register as a sex offender living in the community. He is registered as a sex offender in Boylston.

Police said they searched Mr. Tucci’s car and found a spoon with heroin residue. They later searched an apartment where he was staying and recovered 14 grams of heroin and 17 clonazepam pills. Clonazepam is a powerful prescription sedative.

At his arraignment, defense attorney Timothy Moriarty asked Judge Williams to set bail at $2,000, and said he would challenge the police searches and seizure of drug evidence.

Attorney James Morse, who is an Oak Bluffs police officer, acted as prosecutor for the arraignment.

Mr. Morse asked that bail be set a $20,000 on the new charges and asked bail be revoked on the open case in Worcester District Court. Judge Williams granted the motion to revoke bail, and set bail on the new charges at $15,000. He remains in custody at the Dukes County jail.

The police report describes a long investigation of Mr. Tucci as a drug suspect, including surveillance of drug transactions by task force officers.

Mr. Tucci has a five-page record of criminal offenses, including several drug convictions resulting in jail sentences, probation violations, and warrant defaults, according to court records.

In April of 2002, he was convicted of rape and abuse of a child in Dukes County Superior Court. Following his conviction in that case, he was ordered to register as a Level 3 sex offender. A Level 3 sex offender is defined by the sex offender registry board as an individual with a high risk of reoffending, to the degree that the danger posed to the public warrants active community notification.