It’s so awesome to finally see kids out on the sledding hill, and my yard covered in powder. I took a nice walk around town last week in the snow, then through the Sheriff’s Meadow preserve down by Planting Field Way, and it was like walking through a fairy tale land — everything shimmering and bright.

I wasn’t the only one compelled to get out and enjoy the idyllic scene. I ran into Sydney Mullen with her camera strapped on down by Lighthouse Beach out to capture some shots of the harbor under its winter duvet. I hadn’t realized what a talented photographer Sydney is until she presented us with a calendar of her best shots from last year. The sentiment of January, as displayed on the back of its namesake boat, is “No Regrets.” Good advice for a new year, I’d say.

Speaking of photography, Bob Avakian has been meriting a ton of praise recently for his work behind the lens. Bob’s nocturnal images, which have an almost painterly quality to them, have been popping up in galleries from the Cape to New Orleans, LA, and Taos, New Mexico. Check out his work at bobavakianphotography.com.

Felicidades to Ryan and Michelle Mundt, who tied the knot in Riviera Maya, Mexico, on Saturday, January 19, surrounded by family and friends. Clearly the universe has blessed this union, as the Bruins were back on the ice that night for the first time all season. What an appropriate wedding gift for a Mundt. Wishing you a lifetime of happiness together — just try to keep it outside the penalty box.

We had a visit from my in-laws this weekend, as Gary and Anne Weagle made the trip over from Rutland, Mass. Saturday night, we hit the Grill with Auntie Marie and Uncle T.M. Araujo, then Gary joined us at the Shed the following day for football, but let’s not talk about that, OK? Good.

Guess who’s coming to the Edgartown Library. That’s right, it’s Curious George. That good old mischievous simian will be making his appearance at story time Saturday, January 26, at 3 pm, so get on down there with your kids and camera before the Man with the Yellow Hat figures out where George has run off to this time.

I’ve received word from Abigail Leighton that a group at the Boys & Girls Club is organizing a pet food drive. You can donate by dropping off pet food at the Boys & Girls club, the Second-Hand Store, the Dukes County Animal Shelter, and the Edgartown School. If you are in need of pet food, you can pick it up at the Club or contact Abby at 508-627-3303. Containers must not be opened, outdated, or damaged. The drive will run until March 15th.

Happy belated birthday to Bobby O’Neil, who celebrated January 21. Additional birthday wishes go out to Louis Paciello and Jeff Donaroma on January 25, and to Nancy Whipple and Dana Grant on January 28.