Policy changes needed


To the Editor:

In my opinion, the height of the Martha’s Vineyards school district’s ineptness has reached new heights,

After the incident in which a special education student was suspended for an incident involving an extra lunch, for which no apology or explanation was provided, once again the supervisors and administration never fail to surprise me with newer, more ludicrous ideas about education.

After reading the article [Six-month school suspension is an extreme punishment, therapist says, January 31] in The Martha’s Vineyard Times about the school psychologist, Patricia Newell Bennett, I am once again shocked and appalled by the school administration’s lack of compassion and plain, good common sense.

A six-week suspension is ludicrous for a first offense for drug or alcohol use. Yes, a punishment is called for, and an intervention of some kind is called for, but not to this extreme. There are adults who drive under the influence who are not handed a punishment this extreme.

As to the fact that athletes are not held to the same culpability, that is just completely unacceptable. This just reinforces some school athletes’ feelings of entitlement. All students should be held to the same standards of behaviour.

Someone, perhaps a committee comprised of parents and teachers, should meet to come up with a better, more all-encompassing strategy to combat drug and alcohol use. The strategy used by the current school administration is certainly moronic and needs to be changed.

Maria McCarthy

Oak Bluffs