Such a success


To the Editor:

The Scottish Society of Martha’s Vineyard thanks all those who helped to make our annual Robert Burns Dinner such a success. We’d especially like to thank those who contributed to our scholarship fund auction and raffle.

Dick Brown (our 97-year-old wood carver), Cape Air, Lee and Peter Scott, Peter Wells, Susie Bowman, Alan and Peg Renfrew, Madeline Fisher, Steve and Claudia Ewing, Ed Pierce, Cindy Bonnell, Bob and Brenda Wallace, Bill and Betsy Llewelyn, Highlander Magazine, Duncan MacDonald, lan Aitchison, Bud France, Alan Reekie, Al’s Package Store, Your Market, the Rev. Rob Hensley, Carl and Barbara Lopes, Donna Blackburn, Phyllis Meras, and S. Bailey Norton.

Thanks to the Harbor View and chef Shaun Sells and staff for a great meal; Jack Wildauer and Tom Mayhew for our Broadway quality sound/light system; and, as always, Trip Barnes, auctioneer extraordinaire. You never know what he’s going to come up with, as he expertly separates us Scots from our money.

See you all next year.

Steve Ewing

Scottish Society of Martha’s Vineyard