Thanks selectmen and changes her view


To the Editor:

I am writing to thank the West Tisbury selectmen for sponsoring that very informative forum [West Tisbury forum airs competing visions for Mill Pond, January 31] on the Mill Pond. Contrary to the letter [Muddying the Mill Pond issue, January 31] in last week’s paper from selectman Richard Knabel, I was under the impression the town’s voters are undecided about what course of action is best. Mr. Knabel says that we voted to authorize seeking grant funding for dredging. That is correct, but what he fails to mention is that the voters also were very clear that the issue should come back to town meeting before any dredging was implemented. I think this showed that people want more time to think about the subject and to gather more information –— also demonstrated by the capacity turnout at last week’s forum.

I like passing by the Mill Pond and looking at the swans, and I too was undecided. However after much reflection and listening to the scientists last week, I have now decided that I think stream restoration is the environmentally right thing to do. It may deprive me of one scenic vista, but in exchange for a different one.

Bea Phear

West Tisbury