Happy Valentine’s Day! Is everyone feeling the love? It is nice to be out and about again after our meteorological and government-sanctioned bout of cabin fever last weekend. Thank you to all our public works and emergency service teams for allowing the rest of us to stay at home, play games, and ride out the blizzard.

The Highway Department did a great job getting the roads cleaned up in the blink of an eye. And I’d like to send a particular shout-out to Charlie Smith, who found my cell phone in the snow, which I had dropped somewhere in all the excitement.

We hit the sledding hill at Sweetened Water Saturday night with Jim Miller, the Prescotts, and others, and I gotta tell you, I still have bruises blooming. I may be 35, but when I get on that hill, my inner 10-year-old comes out. Add to that the fact that I’m using the same sled I’ve been rocking since the early eighties, and it’s a recipe for disast . . . I mean, FUN. Yes, it’s a recipe for fun. Luckily, no ambulance was needed, despite my yelling “I’m going to the hospital!” with each glide down the hill.

Looking for a way to show your Valentine some love? Pick up tickets to the MV Agricultural Society Sausage Fest & Meat Ball, which takes place Saturday, February 23 at the MV Agricultural Hall in West Tisbury. Join Jefferson Munroe of The Good Farm for a sausage-making workshop from 10 am to 1 pm, then follow that up with the Meat Ball from 6 to 10 pm, where you’ll enjoy all-u-can-eat FARM Institute sausage, Morning Glory sauerkraut, and Island-grown sides. Dancing and music will commence at 7:30 with the Daytrippers. Call 508-627-7007 for info and to sign up. Proceeds to benefit The MV Agricultural Society.

Edgartown haunts, the Old Whaling Church and the old Hot Tin Roof, are widely featured in “Making Music: The Emerson String Quartet,” one of two films by Robert and Marjory Potts about the making of art and music, to be shown February 17th at the Martha Vineyard Hebrew Center, Harriet B. Freedberg Learning Center, at 4 pm. “Making Music,” a short film (30 minutes), was shot over one week in July 1982 when the Emerson were playing on the Vineyard. It provides a close look, through conversation and performance, at the personal and musical qualities that must combine to make an ensemble of excellence. More than 30 years later, this film, which was the first that the Potts produced as independent film makers, is the only such documentary of the Emerson Quartet ever made.

Birthday wishes go out to Melissa Lewis, who celebrates February 14, to Ed Jerome, who celebrates February 16, and to Barbara Paciello, who celebrates February 17. Hope you have a lovely time.

A special birthday shout-out goes to Elaine Graves on February 19, directly from her loving husband, Joel. Those boys better let you have a corner piece of cake with extra icing.

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