Imagination and romance are ingredients for getting to “yes”

With her parents watching, Tanya Cruz says "yes" to Bryan Taylor's proposal in Mexico last winter. — Photo courtesy of Brenda Cruz

Some men or women choose an intimate setting for proposing to their significant others. Others opt for a more public declaration of their enduring love. Here are the stories of two romantic types who showed some real creativity in their marriage proposal scenarios. Spoiler alert – both girlfriends said yes.


Kurstin Meehan of Edgartown saw fireworks – literally – when her boyfriend Dayce Moore proposed this past December. The couple, along with his parents, attended the big blow out New Years Eve party at the Harbor View Hotel in Edgartown. Mr. Moore had purchased the ring back in November but had secreted it away waiting for the perfect moment.

As the couple headed outside around at midnight for the fireworks display, Mr. Moore excused himself for a second saying that he had to find his father.

“I couldn’t understand why he had to watch the fireworks with his father,” says Ms. Meehan. The fact is, Mr. Moore had handed off the ring to his dad before dinner and had forgotten to retrieve it earlier.

While a large crowd assembled on the hotel porch and along the street in front of the hotel, Mr. Moore got down on one knee and popped the question. Although the act might have gone unnoticed by the large crowd since most were intently watching the sky, Ms. Meehan heard someone whisper, “They just got engaged!” The couple received congratulations from friends as well as strangers and the band made an announcement once everyone was back inside.

Although Mr. Moore had asked Ms. Meehan’s father, Cliff, also of Edgartown, for her hand ahead of time, his intended suspected nothing.

“It was very shocking, very exciting, but at the same time a little overwhelming with all those people around,” says Ms. Meehan. But, she adds, “It made the night super special afterwards. It was a lot of fun being with all my friends and dancing.”

Mr. Moore is an Edgartown policeman, and Ms. Meehan is the Beach Director of Edgartown and also bartends at Atria. Apparently the couple, who will most likely marry in the summer of 2014 on the Vineyard, like celebrating their union with crowds and on landmark days. They held their engagement party this past Super Bowl Sunday at the M.V. Rod and Gun Club.

A tough act to follow

Bryan Taylor of Oak Bluffs recruited a surprising third party to help get his message across.

In 2011, his girlfriend of five years, Tanya Cruz, was hopeful about receiving an engagement ring for Christmas. When that didn’t happen she thought Valentine’s Day might be the day. Both times she was disappointed, but little did she know the ring had already been purchased and she was in for a very big surprise. As it turns out he was able to realize two dreams at the same time.

Last March, the couple visited Cancun, Mexico, along with members of her family. “I’d always wanted to swim with dolphins,” says Ms. Cruz. “It was on my bucket list.”

Ms. Cruz, Mr. Taylor, and Ms. Cruz’s mother, father, aunt, and grandmother made a trip to Dolphinaris Park where people and dolphins share a huge pool and visitors get to perform tricks with the trained sea creatures. Ms. Cruz was instructed to throw a floating ring to a dolphin that caught it on his nose and returned it to her. The trainer then told her that there was a gift for her inside the ring. “I thought I was going to get some stupid souvenir keychain,” she says.

Instead she found a pill bottle with a diamond ring. “My first thought was, ‘Am I being punked? Is this a joke?,'” Ms. Cruz recalls. “I was stunned, but my mom lost it. She was crying.” Bryan swam over and declared his intentions. Ms. Cruz said yes and the couple embraced – a little clumsily due to the flotation devices they were wearing.

The episode was videotaped and replayed on large screens around the park. “I had my five minutes of fame,” Ms. Cruz says.

According to Ms. Cruz, Mr. Taylor’s friends are concerned that they have a tough act to follow. “They all said, ‘How are we going to compare with a story like that?'” Won’t be easy.

Tanya Cruz and Bryan Taylor will be married this September at the Edgartown Lighthouse, with a reception at the home of Ms. Cruz’s parents to follow.