oak Bluffs


Monday morning as I am writing this column the view of the landscape is still beautiful. My shrubs, laden with heavy wet snow, are bent over, as if paying homage to the snow god that covers the ground, and the birds keep inspecting the feeder, hoping to find that one last seed. As the sun sets, its last rays reflect off the snow-covered tree limbs making them twinkle as if decorated with numerous holiday lights.

The weather of the past week certainly will keep us talking for a while. I was without electricity for about four hours in the wee hours of Saturday morning; thankfully my house did not cool down. But then when the morning came, I was without telephone, Internet, and cable. Thanks to the Comcast workers, everything was restored in about five hours. Kudos to the utility and highway workers and all emergency service personnel for working in such unfavorable conditions to keep us all safe and connected. Compared to many other regions, we certainly were fortunate.

The Martha’s Vineyard Youth Leadership Initiative (MVYLI) recently held its third annual Job Shadow Day (JSD), culminating with a reception at the Harbor View Hotel on Friday, Feb. 1. Each participating MVYLI student spent time with a mentor, either observing the mentor at work or discussing the mentor’s career path.Continue to motivate yourself in the New Year. The Y offers you an opportunity to challenge yourself with a run, bike, swim; or share the love and do two or all three. Sign up for as many time intervals as you would like and collect donations to sponsor your performance to benefit the Y Financial Assistance Program. This program will take place on Saturday, March 9, from 7 am to 4 pm. Registration has started, so sign up now to participate or be a sponsor.

Delores Stevens, Martha’s Vineyard Chamber Music Society’s artistic director and festival pianist, received the Living the Legacy award from Young Musicians Foundation on February 9 in Los Angeles. The Board of MVCMS is proud of Dee and so happy for her to receive this prestigious honor.

Please keep these important school dates in mind. School will be closed on February 18 for President’s Day. The school winter break starts on February 25 through March 1 with students returning to school on March 4.

Well-loved Vineyard storyteller Susan Klein will cast her magical spell at Grace Episcopal Church, Vineyard Haven, in two upcoming Friday evening programs. “Cozy Tales for a Winter’s Night” will be presented on Feb. 15 and March 15 at 7 pm immediately following the weekly Community Soup Supper. Suggested donation is $10. For more information, please call 508-693-0332.

Speedy recovery wishes to Judy Williamson, who is recovering at home from recent hip surgery.

We send birthday smiles to Lorraine Mavro, Eric deBettencourt, and his brother Michael on the 15th; Carol deBettencourt, Kathy Farrissey, and Fr. Michael Nagle on the 16th; Carrie Tankard and Joel Rebello on the 18th; and Pattie Linn on the 19th.

Birthday smiles to those I might have missed, and get well to those needing a healing smile.

Save today and make it special for your Sweetheart on this Valentine’s Day.

Enjoy your week. Peace.