West Tisbury


Snow fell as predicted, beginning Friday, and continuing through the night and into Saturday. It sparkled and blew, total silence, caught by tree branches now outlined in white of all shades, the lawn unmarked by footprints or pawprints. Pristine.

That lasted till Porter yowled to be let out Saturday morning; his cat door had frozen shut and was blocked by blown snow. He showed no hesitation, following Talley and Nan in their doggy paths, swatting at their golden tails that swing, constant cat toys. In no time, he made himself a tunnel underneath the dining room and porch, so he could go out one door and meow to get in the other, barely getting his paws wet.

I have always loved a snowstorm — the lead-up, the preparations, then settling in for whatever is to come. There is a sense of life suspended. I wish it could stay that way forever.

There didn’t seem to be too much damage around town. We lost part of a tree that, thankfully, fell away from the house. A couple of friends have reported losing large cedars. Most of us were well-prepared, so I haven’t heard any horror stories of burst pipes or no food. Deborah Mayhew’s cat, Muffin, disappeared, but returned as is her habit and on her own schedule.

The Weather Channel predicts rain and temperatures in the high 30s, leaving us melted, dripping, with the typically faded green landscape of February. So on to other things.

The West Tisbury School fifth grade wishes to thank Chilmark Chocolates for donating all the chocolate for their very successful fundraiser. The kids sold quarter-, half-, and one-pound boxes to raise money towards a trip on the Shenandoah.

Kids from grades 3 to 8 participated in the school spelling bee last Friday. Students watched as the classroom winners worked to out-spell one another, with lots of encouragement from the audience. Participants were: Livy Smith, Caroline Roddy, Owen Bresnick, Kelly Klaren, Rudy Suman, Jaiden Edelman, Jared Bardwell, Nic Andre, Dominic Mahfuz, and Jason Kurth. The winner was Nic Andre and runner-up was Jared Bardwell. Congratulations to you all.

Beth Kramer reports that demolition is almost completed on the library building. She is counting on the foundation being poured on schedule this Thursday, calling it her very special Valentine gift. She wants to remind everyone that they can still buy bricks for the walk, a wonderful fundraiser, and commemorative gift. Wendy Nierenberg is in charge. Call her at 508-693-0800.

A correction of the web address for Vineyard Colors Daily Route photographs. I incorrectly gave their email address instead. Here is the correct address: www.vineyardcolors.com.

Alix Small of Vineyard Knitworks has planned two classes this February for advanced beginners and intermediate knitters. They are: Magic Loop Knitting two socks at once, and Cast-ons. For more details, call 508-687-9163, or email vineyayrdknitworks@comcast.com. Pre-registration is required.

Paddy Moore writes that the Martha’s Vineyard Democratic Caucus, cancelled for the storm, has been rescheduled for March 9. There will be reminders well in advance.

Two documentary films by West Tisbury’s Robert and Marjory Potts are scheduled to be shown this Sunday afternoon, February 17, 4 pm, at the Martha’s Vineyard Hebrew Center in Vineyard Haven. The first is called “Making Music: The Emerson String Quartet.” It was made over a week’s time in July of 1982, when the musicians were on the Island for a performance. The second film, completed in 2004, is “Their Lives in Art: Robert Henry and Selina Trieff.”

I have seen the Henry/Trieff documentary several times and intend to see it again Sunday afternoon. It is a visual gift for any artist or anyone interested in how they make art/how they think about art/how being an artist affects every part of their lives. The process of making art fascinates me, be it the visual arts, writing, dance, theater, or music. So I look forward to seeing the early days of the now well-known Emerson String Quartet, too. A $5 suggested donation is requested.

Dr. Enid Haller told me about a two-part series, “Understanding Lyme Disease,” that will be shown on consecutive Tuesdays at the Vineyard Haven Library. We will have missed the first part, a showing of the documentary, “Under Our Skin,” that has been shown and discussed many times at the West Tisbury Library.

The second part of the program is next Tuesday, February 19, at 7 pm. Dr. Lena Prisco, Director of the Martha’s Vineyard Hospital Laboratory, will be the featured speaker. “She has strived to expand the scope and accessibility of laboratory testing services here on the Island…one of the most visible and critical of these changes is the availability of Lyme Disease testing,” according to a notice for her talk. It promises to be an informative and interesting evening. Admission is free.

By the time you are reading this it will be Valentine’s Day. I’m glad to have a special day to celebrate those we love in our lives, but I try to feel gratitude for my husband, our pets, our family and friends every day. Happy Valentine’s Day.