Reel Picks


21 & Over (R)

Trying hard to be another “Hangover,” this film is unabashedly profane. A promising medical student celebrates his 21st birthday the night before a big exam with his best friends. Starring Miles Teller, Justin Chon, and Jonathan Keltz.

Identity Thief (R)

A funny film about a credit-card scammer and a straight-laced executive who becomes a victim of her fraud. Starring Jason Bateman, Melissa McCarthy, John Cho, and Amanda Peet.

Jack the Giant Slayer (PG-13)

A young farm hand unwittingly opens a gateway between our world and a fearsome race of giants, re-starting an ancient war between humans and the giants. Jack fights for a kingdom and the love of a princess. It is a mix of CGI and real actors including Nicholas Hoult, Stanley Tucci, and Ewan McGregor.

Oz the Great and Powerful (PG)

Imagines the origins of L. Frank Baum’s wizard, a fantastic combination of computer-generated imagery and real actors. Starring James Franco, Michelle Williams, and Rachel Weisz.

Quartet (PG-13)

A home for retired musicians plays host to a new resident, a star. The annual concert is disrupted by the arrival of a diva and the former wife and singing partner of one of the residents. Directed by Dustin Hoffman, starring Maggie Smith, Michael Gambon, and Billy Connolly.