Seasonal drinking: Spring favorites from Island baristas and bartenders

Scott Hannah of Sharky's Cantina in Oak Bluffs. — Photo by Kaylea Moore

What do I drink when I wake up in the morning? This can change daily, but more often it changes seasonally. When is comes to beverages, what I crave in the winter is different from that in spring, summer, andfall.

Lately, I have been on a smoothie craze, blending concoctions of whatever I can find in my fridge. Friends have introduced me to green smoothies with the addition of spinach, kale, celery, and avocado. My preferred smoothie is a mixture of orange juice, banana, frozen peaches, coconut oil, chia seeds, spinach, and fresh ginger.

For a midday drink I like to make a juice. This winter I invested in a juicer, which I’m still experimenting with. My go-to juice is a combination of beet, apple, carrot, and kale. It’s a great way to add fruits and vegetables to your diet and it uses up any stray produce that may be lurking in your fridge.

When the sun begins to go down, I find myself craving hard cider. I love Woodchuck’s Spring Cider; it has a hint of maple syrup. Or on a chilly evening, I’ll make a hot toddy with bourbon, lemon, honey, cloves, and a cinnamon stick. And then there is always red wine.

Soon, chilled lemonade and iced tea will quench my summer thirst. I’m looking forward to sipping rosé while watching the sunset and grabbing a Dirty Banana at Donovan’s after a day at the beach.

Here is a selection of people you may know who serve you beverages and what they like to drink:

Scott Hannah

Manager at Sharky’s Cantina in Oak Bluffs

Morning: Orange Gatorade.

Noon: It has to be a margarita, a Sharkarita, our own margarita, with Milagro Silver Tequila. Definitely with salt.

Night: White Russian, I work most nights until 3 am.

Most popular drink at Sharky’s: Skinny-Rita made with Don Julio Tequilla.

Kelly McCarron

Barista at Mocha Mott’s in Oak Bluffs

(pictured with Roman Laiacona)

Morning: Iced caramel latte.

Noon: Iced Oregon Chai, sometimes with coconut flavoring with either regular milk or soy milk.

Night: Hot chocolate or tea.

Most popular drink at Mocha Mott’s: Iced mocha.

Anastasia Oliveira

Bartender at M.V. Chowder Company in Oak Bluffs

Morning: Mimosa. I like to add a splash of Peachtree Schnapps or pineapple juice, whatever I’m in the mood for.

Noon: Draft beer. Right now I like Steel Rail Extra Pale Ale from BBC (Berkshire Brewing Company).

Night: Then we get into the vodka. I’m into Tito’s Vodka, martini-style, straight up with blue cheese stuffed olives, stuffed to order.

Most popular drink at M.V. Chowder Company: The South Beach martini made with cucumber vodka, lemon and lime juice, agave syrup and mint, or the Cran-Tito made with Tito’s Vodka, cranberries, lime, mint, a little sweet and sour mix and soda water.

Jay Kuss

Bartender at Alchemy in Edgartown

Morning: I make my own cappuccino at home. Or French pressed coffee is really nice, depending on my mood.

Noon: Regional beer. Sam Adams Alpine Spring is really tasty. It’s nice and bright.

Night: Pinot Noir, not a light one, rather a wine that has meat on its bones.

Most popular drink at Alchemy: The French Quarter Martini made with equal parts Ketel One Vodka, St. Germaine, and white grapefruit juice, with a dash of Peychauds Bitters.

Nathan Briggs

Manager at Atria Restaurant in Edgartown

Morning: Lemon Lime Gatorade.

Noon: Dr. Pepper.

Night: Tanqueray and tonic.

Most popular drink at Atria: Espresso Martini.

Andrew McElhinney

Barista at Waterside Market in Vineyard Haven

Morning: Americana: espresso with hot water and Sugar in the Raw. It’s basically a really strong coffee.

Noon: Naked Protein Zone smoothie.

Night: Water.

Most popular drink at Waterside Market: Regular whole milk latte or cafe mocha.

Jesse Martin

Chef and owner of Park Corner Bistro in Oak Bluffs

Morning: Double cappuccino from Mocha Mott’s.

Noon: Guinness.

Night: A perfect Manhattan made with Breckenridge Bourbon from Colorado and a black cherry.

Most popular drink at Park Corner Bistro: The Holy Water, made with St. Germaine, green tea infused vodka, lemon and sugar, served with a candle. Another popular drink is Fernet-Branca (evident in the bottleslining the restaurant walls).