Spring has sprung in many ways, shapes, and forms. Passover has been celebrated. Easter has prompted egg hunts, family dinners, and lots of jelly bean and chocolate consumption. The true spring weather has encouraged folks to get outdoors for beach walks, yard raking, trout fishing, and a nice game of catch. Little lambs have been born, and daffodils and crocuses are beginning to bloom. Ospreys are returning to their nests to hunt and start families.

The hint of warmth in the air has brought Kathie and Emmett Carroll back from their adventures in the Florida Keys. For the last few years they have opted to venture south rather than endure a wintry bear-like slumber here in grey New England. They teamed up with Judy and Ted Mayhew and embarked on a sunny and relaxing escape. On their adventure back across the Mason-Dixon Line, they not only had the company of Billie Hancock for the length of Florida, but they managed a pit stop with Bob and Diane Congdon. Diane and Bob are in Fort Lauderdale on the Intracoastal Waterway. They see some pretty amazing vessels making their way through town.

Yippee and hooray for Todd Christy’s Chilmark Coffee Company. The company, after lots of work and dedication, has been officially certified as a USDA Organic Roaster. You can easily place orders online at or swing by the Chilmark School PTO fundraising event on Saturday at the CCC. Todd has graciously donated two gift baskets and let me tell you, they smell delicious. Come bid on them and all of the other amazing goodies we have.

Yes, the rescheduled date is finally here. Saturday night, April 6, from from 7 to 11:30, we will be rockin’ in the spring with Johnny Hoy & the Bluefish. We have over 100 auction items up for grabs ranging from Hawaiian getaways to gift certificates for massages, dinners, and more, to handmade items. The scope of the items is beyond your imagination. Lucky us, we have Trip Barnes to belt out all of the information for you to hear during our live auction portion of the evening. The $15 admission will allow you to dance, visit with friends, indulge in the sweetest dessert bar, and peruse amazing auction items.

Nomination papers for the upcoming town election have been submitted and verified. Brian Cioffi has opted not to retain his seat on the cemetery commission, so there is an opening on that board. A write-in campaign it must be, so ask at the Town Hall how to proceed if you are interested.

The 13th annual MVFF was a roaring success. According to many, this year’s series may just have been the best. Great films, great subject matter, and amazing people — some our very own friends and neighbors — collaborated on all aspects of this memorable occasion. Thomas Bena, Brian Ditchfield, Lindsey Scott, Anna Merhalski, Molly Coogan, and the entire MVFF family share big, grateful hugs as they thank you for joining them on their adventure and seeing their vision. Now, start looking forward to the summer series at the CCC. If you happen to be on Facebook and you need a little stroll down memory lane or you need a sneak peek into a weekend you may have missed, check out their page. It is chock full of great photographs.

Happy birthday to my dear neighbor Genc Brinja. His celebrations began last Sunday with red velvet cupcakes, Emily Broderick’s lemon cake, coconut cake presented by Kendra Buresch, marshmallow peeps (so many say yuck, but I say yum), roasted marshmallows, jelly beans, ice cream, and more.