Two arrested in Edgartown drug raid

Shane A. Harthcock and Christy L. Dobson face drug charges in Edgartown District Court.

Members of the Martha’s Vineyard Drug Task Force arrested Shane A. Harthcock, 31, and Christy L. Dobson, 32, after seizing heroin and cocaine in a search of their Edgartown house last week.

After four months of investigation and surveillance, the Martha’s Vineyard Drug Task Force arrived with a search warrant at the couple’s home at 49 Fourteenth Street South, late on the evening of March 28.

According to the police report, when officers entered the home, Mr. Harthcock and Ms. Dobson ran to a second floor outside deck. Edgartown police detective Mike Snowden was posted behind the home.

“The male subject made two separate throwing motions and Det. Snowden could hear objects striking the ground behind the house,” Det. Sgt Chris Dolby wrote in his report. “Det. Snowden also observed the male and female making movements with their hands and bodies which he felt were very obvious indications that they were concealing something.”

Both suspects at first denied using or possessing drugs, but police later seized 2.5 grams of heroin, 3 grams of crack cocaine, and 1 gram of cocaine powder that Ms. Dobson had concealed inside her body, according to the police report.

Mr. Harthcock and Ms. Dobson, face charges of possession with intent to distribute heroin, possession with intent to distribute cocaine, and conspiracy to violate drug laws.