Hibernation time is over, and my inbox definitely reflects that. You all have shaken off the cobwebs and are planning events, raising funds, taking classes, going on trips. I like it.

There has been excitement in my neighborhood this weekend with the arrival and assembly of Phil and Alice Upham’s new shed. As many of you know, no one appreciates a new shed quite like a Dolby, so I was pumped to see this addition to the ‘hood. Congratulations and enjoy.

The spring cleaning bug is definitely going around, so if you’re looking to get your hands dirty, join the Vineyard Conservation Society in their all-island beach clean-up on Saturday, April 20, from 10 am to 12 noon. The clean-up will cover 25 beaches over the whole Island, including Edgartown hotspots State Beach (at the Bend in the Road, South Beach (Left and Right Forks), Fuller Street Beach, and Lighthouse Beach. It’s a great family event, and this year, the after-party will be at the Harbor View Hotel from 12 to 2 pm, with Flatbread pizza and yummy Harbor View food also. For those families looking for a staycation activity, here you go.

Head up to the P-A Club and lend Karen Allen Berube your support in her fight against cancer on Saturday, April 13, beginning at 5. The fundraiser will include a lasagna dinner, silent auction, live auction with Trip Barnes, and music with Tristan Israel, Nancy Jephcote, and Joanne Cassidy. So get on up there and help out a neighbor.

The Anchors has a very cool trip coming up: a visit to the Museum of Russian Icons in Clinton on Thursday, June 13. The Museum features one of the largest and most important collections of icons in the U.S.A. In addition to five galleries overlooking Clinton’s picturesque park, the Museum offers a shop and a self-serve Russian Tea Room. A traveling exhibition of Russian Nesting Dolls (Matryoshka) from The Museum of Russian Art in Minneapolis will be there, featuring 83 sets of lavishly painted wooden nesting dolls of decreasing size placed one inside the other.

In addition, the Russian Tea Room offers a variety of fine teas, coffees, and traditional Russian snacks, including Moscow chocolate and imported Russian biscuits. The deadline to sign up for the trip is Thursday, May 30th, so reserve your space today by calling 508-627-4368.

The Martha’s Vineyard Museum is currently hosting a new exhibit, titled Martha’s Vineyard Art Association: Selected Works, which features highlights from the Art Association’s permanent collection. The idea for a collaborative exhibit came from both the Museum curators and the Art Association, who recognized the similarities in interest and mission shared by both organizations. Artist and Board Member Rosalie Shane will join Art Association Director Kat Cope on Thursday, April 11, at 5:30 pm to give a talk at the Museum on the history of the Association. The two will give an overview of the Association, discuss some of the 100-plus works in the permanent collection, and touch on how the Association has evolved over time. Visit mvmuseum.org for more information.

The biggest piece of birthday cake goes out this week to my niece, Caroline Dolby, who celebrates April 11: I’m talkin’ a corner piece with extra frosting flowers. Next up, warm wishes go out to Pam Cassidy on April 12, who always keeps me apprised of her family’s goings-on. We’ll throw some confetti across the pond to Paula Smith on April 13. May the weather be just right for grilling on April 14 so Mike Harmon can celebrate his day just right. And last but not least, balloons and wee-bits go out to Megan Shai on April 17. Happy, happy.