To the Editor:

In last week’s coverage of the Oak Bluffs selectmen’s meeting there was a comment about the deteriorating and deplorable conditions at the Strand Theater and the Island Theater. Those two buildings have been eyesores for years. The selectmen are right in questioning why Ben Hall and his “corporate entity” allow their buildings to deteriorate. There seems to be no pride in their ownership of their myriad buildings across the Island.

In addition to the theaters in Oak Bluffs, the building next to town hall in Edgartown is also deteriorating before our eyes. Blaming the economy is a ruse. I would wager that if an investigation were done, there would be no record of any maintenance done on any building owned by the Ben Hall “corporate entity.” This goes for his public buildings on the main streets of Edgartown and Oak Bluffs, as well as his many rental houses and mini-subdivisions across the Island.

If a house in your neighborhood is falling apart and an eyesore, check with the Registry of Deeds. The house is probably owned by the Ben Hall “corporate entity.” Ask the residents of Edgartown Estates or numerous other land-/home-owners across the Island. They will tell you about the costly litigation that the Ben Hall’s “corporate entity” creates to impede progress. Some of their litigation efforts have continued for decades at great public expense. Maybe someone should investigate why this behavior is allowed to continue to hinder progress on the Island.

Karen O’Neill