Thanks for great care


To the Editor:

My belated thanks to all the extraordinary people who responded to my need after keeling over at the Vineyard Haven Library on the evening of March 19. Beginning with the two librarians at the desk (my apologies to them) who called for help and the almost instant arrival of the E.M.S., manned by three calming, competent, and compassionate women — the police officer, quietly there if needed, and then the arrival at the Martha’s Vineyard Hospital where a multitude of doctors (there were at least three), nurses, and aides treated me, studied me throughout the night in a spotless, sparkling new Emergency Room.

Never in all my life have I received such care right up to my discharge by visiting Dr. Francis P. Duggan who took the time to treat and prescribe for a multitude of other problems brought on by the long cold winter and my old age.

It was truly the circle of compassionate people connecting one to another which made this experience so healing and positive.

With deep gratitude,

Alice H. Stephen

Vineyard Haven