What’s happening with the Gay Head Light?


To the Editor:

While recently vacationing in Culebra, Puerto Rico, my wife and I chartered a boat to Culebrita for a day of exploring and to examine the Culebrita Lighthouse, decommissioned in 1975 and in a state of horrible disrepair. Concerned longtime visitors to Puerto Rico, we went online to see if there was a website or organization that was attempting to preserve the lighthouse. What we discovered, however, was more shocking.

We subscribe to a magazine called “Lighthouse Digest,” and in their January 2013 edition, they named our own Gay Head Light as the newest member of the Doomsday List — a list of the most endangered lighthouses (mostly due to erosion concerns).

I noticed nothing in the Vineyard or Boston papers nor on the news, so Susan and I thought it prudent to sound the alarm bell via this Letter to the Editor. We vow to do whatever we can (we are only summer residents in Aquinnah), but please advise as to what steps are being taken, plans, etc., to stabilize and protect the lighthouse, as they did with the Sankaty Light or the Block Island Light.

Martin Weiss

Woodstock, Conn., and Aquinnah