Aquinnah is on the job


To the Editor:

In response to Martin Weiss’s letter [What’s happening with the Gay Head Light?, April 10], the town of Aquinnah has for some time been aware of the erosion problem at the Gay Head Cliffs and the impact upon our highly esteemed lighthouse. This iconic structure has an integral connection to this community, and there are many people residing in Aquinnah who are the descendants of former lighthouse keepers.

Over a year ago, the present keeper of the lighthouse, Richard Skidmore, sounded the alarm and the town responded. The selectmen established a “Save the Lighthouse” committee, and plans are in the works for fundraising, new site location, preparing requests for proposals, and applying to the Coast Guard for the ownership of the lighthouse when it is declared surplus property.

The selectmen appreciate your concern and interest, and when you are back in town and wish more information or wish to volunteer to help with the planning of events or whatever is needed, feel free to stop by Town Hall.

Jim Newman

For the Aquinnah Selectmen