A better route


To the Editor:

After yet another rejection at town meeting, it seems clear to me that Tisbury voters do not want the connector road. They don’t like its roundabout route, they question whether it will effectively reduce traffic, and they don’t like its high price tag.

Rather than regurgitating this plan for next year’s town meeting, I suggest that Tisbury planners put on their thinking caps and come up with new, more attractive ideas for reducing traffic congestion.

How about encouraging people to use smaller vehicles? How about expanding (and using) our bus system? How about greatly improving our bike paths? And for people with weak legs, how about suggesting the use of electric bicycles?

Besides reducing traffic congestion, all of these creative approaches will help us reduce our gasoline consumption and thereby help halt climate change. Wouldn’t this be a sensible goal?

Chris Fried

Vineyard Haven