Garden Gate kids welcome the new fire station to the neighborhood

From left to right: EMS director Tracy Jones, Jake Gatchell, Kyle Gatchell, fire chief John Schilling, Mackenna Metell, Silas Meader, Dejana Gentry, Sienna Crowell, Shane Harding. — Photo courtesy of Garden Gate

With the opening of the new Tisbury Emergency Services Facility and the appearance of a lot of new shiny fire trucks and ambulances, the preschoolers who attend the Garden Gate Child Development Center have had a lot to see on their daily outings.

As a result, the children began a study of fire trucks and rescue vehicles. After receiving a very generous behind-the-scenes tour of the new facility on Spring Street, the Little Room students created a three-dimensional fire truck as a gift for the new station and for the community it serves.

The new art piece will hang in the building’s foyer for all to see.